Imperial Credits

The currency of the Empire


ImperialCredits is a community driven currency used as the economic backbone for one of the most active Role Play groups in the galaxy.

Join us ✊


4% reflections

3% marketing wallet

3% to liquidity


20M max wallet

10M max transaction

How to buy

1. Create Metamask or Trust Wallet account

Create a MetaMask or Trust Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $IMPCRDS.

Access your wallet on PancakeSwap by clicking ‘Connect to a wallet’ and selecting your wallet.

3. Send BNB to your wallet

You need BNB to buy $IMPCRDS. You can buy BNB directly on TrustWallnet or transfer it to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Make sure to use the BEP20 network when transfering BNB.

Helpful Youtube Video:

4. Swap BNB for $IMPCRDS

You can start swapping as soon as you have BNB available! Press ‘Select a token’ and enter the token address 0x30A302Ec265763DfFbd41419D04a5c13EE777049) or search for it on the tokens list.

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